Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beatrice Marot - this is my only warning

Beatrice Marot, 
I know for a fact that you have alerts set up for your name. Since I know that, I am sure that you saw my last blog post on June 10, 2013, where I took my original blog down. 

It doesn't seem though, that you can do me the same courtesy, and remove your blog as well as the picture of MY family including my nephew.

This will be my last request asking you to remove it. If you have not done it by June 10, 2014, I will put the original blog back up for all to continue to see. I will also post new information in regards your private life, which has come to my attention. Does the date April 13, 2013 mean anything to you?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Why I Have Removed The Blog

It has actually been awhile since I had logged into the blog, and was quite surprised to see how many hits it was still receiving on a daily basis. However, since Beatrice has decided to be quiet for several months, I  have decided to make this blog 'private'. However, I do still have every post, and I will not delete it. As long as she can keep from attacking myself along with Tanila and Chip, I will keep it private. I wonder if she can do the same, as she still has a picture of my family posted on her blog, which have had nothing to do with this 'battle'. 

I will also say, that one should not spend their life in bitterness. Everyone does something in their lives at one point or another, that we wish we never did. Chip has stated many times that he had wished he had never purchased the domain names in Beatrice's name. If it were something that he could change, he would. However, he has never denied that he did it, and he did apologize for it. This is something that just didn't just happen yesterday, last week or even last year. It happened 10 years ago. When you hold onto things for so long, it will eat at your soul.

Even though this blog is gone, there are still many negative things out there in regards to Beatrice. And many of these things are items that Beatrice herself have started. I've lost count of how many Ripoff Reports that Beatrice herself have posted against the three of us, and a couple of others. It shows how truly ugly she can be - and sad. 

I would like to point out, and I am sure Ms. Marot can not begin to dispute this - we are all energy. Everything in this Universe is energy. Our actions are energy and even our thoughts are energy. When we focus and spend so much energy on the negative that has happened in our lives, that is what going to come back to us. We will live in that dark, negative energy. It will surround us. It will envelope us.

Now, we can choose to live our lives that way, or we can choose to live in the positive energy and let that lead us in our lives and envelope us. When we choose to live in that positive energy, nothing seems impossible. Life is brighter. Life seems possible and we can move forward. 

Are there going to be times or people in our lives that will bring negative into it? Sure there is. There is no way possible to avoid it. It is up to us how we will decide how we will react to it. If we choose to attack it, then we only help to perpetuate the negative, giving it life and helping it grow. If we accept it for what it is, and move past it, we let it die out and refuse to give it the life that it wants. 

Take a look at some of the most successful people in your life, if you don't believe me. Do they choose to dwell on the negative things in their life, or do they move past it, and think positively about things? I'll bet you it is the second. 

I, myself, would much rather focus on the positive things in my life, and that is exactly what I have been doing. I keep myself busy, and moving forward. Always forward motion! 

I sit on the Board of Directors for a small rescue in Southern Georgia. Doesn't pay a thing, BUT I love knowing that I can make a small difference in the lives of those that do no have a voice. I am responsible for helping them to raise funds, which is a challenge as they are so small, alot of people do not think they have as much of an expense as the larger places do. They actually have just as much of an expense and desperately need the financial help, as they are 100% non-profit. They have been on the negative receiving end, all because they wanted to help save a dog, that many in the area didn't think needed to be saved and thought it wasn't abusive to keep a dog in a small pen (5x8), never have clean water and to be fed bread or scraps which were thrown into her pen where she had to eat them off her feces encrusted floor. She had very, very little human contact. If I can help one animal, that's positive energy that is being put out into the Universe. 

I also have two home-based businesses that I am growing, and I never stop learning! I love to learn about new cultures, different religions and the list just goes on and on. I do not sit and dwell on past negative items in my life. I would much rather live in the future and help others to live there as well. 

I sincerely hope that Beatrice sees this, and realizes where I am coming from. Don't let the past consume you.